Bacaxa Bank Robbery

The small town of Bacaxa, a suburb of the surfers paradise Saquarema, was in uproar Tuesday morning when it was discovered that the local ATM’s had been liberated of funds. In the early hours of Tuesday morning the local Banco de Brasil was robbed in a rather ingenious way. Posing as workmen the crooks simply put up a huge sheet that covered at least three ATM machines so they could work unobserved. These workman then ‘worked’ with a blowtorch to open and empty at least two ATM machines.

Written by Maggie Winter

According to eyewitnesses who arrived at the bank the following morning, three machines appeared to be damaged and were quickly covered by black bags and tape by bank staff and Military police after thorough investigation by the forensic officers. Local sources confirm that it seemed a professional and organised attack though no members of the public were involved or injured.

The bank, closed for most of the morning, was open and operating as normal by lunchtime Tuesday. As yet bank staff have no idea how much money was stolen as the ATM counters were too badly damaged for actual figures to be recorded, so has left rather a mess. The Police, as you can see from the above photo, are investigating and according to our source, are hopeful that the perpetrators will indeed be caught.

In fairness this is an extremely rare event in this neck of the woods and will be a talking point for quite a while I suspect.


On further research it appears Saquarema already has a claim to fame for in 2005 notorious murderer, Jesse James Hollywood, was arrested by interpol in a shopping mall in Saquarema with his then pregnant girlfriend Marcia Reis. On the run for over five years he had managed to evade arrest for the murder of Nicholas Markowitz, for which Jesse was convicted and  is currently serving a life sentence in the USA. The saga was given the Hollywood treatment in 2006 and was sited as the inspiration for the ‘A’ list movie “Alpha Dog”, starring Bruce Willis and Justin Timberlake.

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