Bearded Lady of Guildford

Bearded Lady of Guildford’s real name is Brenda. She is originally from The Midlands and can often be seen sitting on Guildford park benches and wondering through Guildford shopping apartments. She generally sits in the food court on the upper floor of the Friary Centre in Guildford, tucked away on a back table in the area next to the smoothie stall.

She used to live in London but then retired to Guildford because London was “too crowded” for her. Her favourite meals are roast beef, shepherd’s pie, mild curry and Foster’s lager.

Her favourite pastimes are reading old Beano and Dandy comic books and watching the Adams Family. She has a wide following on the internet but has never installed home internet access. She is approximately 75 years old. She once visited Australia when she was 28 but can’t remember why.

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