Glenn Beck’s Hilarious Predictions

Glenn Beck predicts what the future of the remainder of this Century might look like: http://www.viralbucket.com/glenn-becks-hilarious-predictions/

Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Victory

View Andrew Murray’s final few tennis scores, which won him the Wimbledon Final here: http://www.viralbucket.com/andrew-murrays-final-victory/

Old Lady Moonwalks in Walmart

A local videographer captured this footage of an elderly lady dancing in WalMart http://www.viralbucket.com/old-woman-moonwalks-in-walmart/

French Nationalist Youths Storm Socialist HQ

French ‘Generation Identitaire’ youth activists in Paris have stormed the country’s Socialist Party headquarters in protest against mass immigration and the deracination of France and French culture. Earlier last month Generation...

Whole Pig Extracted From Snake’s Belly

When local villagers from Philippines saw python eating pig alive,then attack the python and cut open the stomach of python but pig is dead see this video and comment: http://www.viralbucket.com/swallowed-pig-extracted-from-snake/

Explosion Rips Through Oil Refinery

Horrendous Explosion Rips Through South American Oil Refinery: http://www.viralbucket.com/explosion-rips-through-oil-plant/

Moron Vexes Reporter

No matter how many times she tells him to go away he keeps coming back for more: http://www.viralbucket.com/moron-vexes-reporter/

Italy 4 / Japan 3

Japan only narrowly defeated by Italy: http://www.viralbucket.com/italy-4-japan-3/

Massive Munitions Explosion in Russia

Today there was a massive munitions explosion in Russia as antiquated Soviet-era weapons stockpiles caught fire and causing approximately 6,000 local residents to be evacuated from a nearby village. Click here to see the raw footage: http://www.viralbucket.com/massive-munitions-accident-in-russia/

Crazy Mustang Car Chase

Mustang Does 2 J Turns http://www.viralbucket.com/crazy-car-chase/