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Written by Chris White

‘Atlantis Paradise Island’ which was originally opened in 1998 as ‘The Trump Plaza’ changed its name to ‘Atlantis Paradise Island’ after its primary feature ‘The Royal Towers’ were completed some years later. In 2007 another hotel called ‘Atlantis The Cove’ was opened on the same island.

The aquarium complex of ‘Atlantis Paradise Island’ is meant to create the experience of touring the ruined remains of the legendary lost city, featuring ruined temples, palaces and other stereotypically bronze age urban constructions.

‘Atlantis The Palm’ was constructed on a reclaimed artificial island off the coast of Dubai and opened in 2008. The hotel’s children’s water park attempts to recreate an authentic Atlantis myth setting, with a distinctly Arabic flavour to it.

The Atlantis legend originates from in the two works of Plato, ‘Timeas’ and ‘Critias’.

In the works Plato describes how Egyptian priests relayed to some Greek scholars the story of Atlantis, claiming that Atlantis lay beyond the Straights of Gibraltar on an “island continent”, which was divided up between 10 kings and reached the peak of its political power around about 11,000 BC.

Plato also describes of how the account details Atlantis’ initial settlement by people from the sea, saying that the first person to have settled in Atlantis was the god Poseidon.

Plato’s account of Atlantis claims that an Atlantean Empire had once existed with territories on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and that this Empire had at some point in the past launched at least one Atlantean invasion force to capture territories in both Egypt and the Middle East.

Scholars who believe the Atlantis myth to be credible such as Graham Hancock, insist that evidence of an advanced prehistoric, global civilization leaving its cultural footprint on every continent is simply too great to be ignored.

Over the past two centuries such scholars have suggested various locations for the mythical metropolitan centre of Atlantis, the most popular of them being, The Aegean, The Azores, Antarctica, The Canary Islands and Central or South America.

Some scholars choose The Aegean because this is where a city called ‘Aquitiri’ was destroyed around 3,000 years ago following a supervolcanic eruption.

Those who choose Antarctica do so because they believe that the continent was in fact ice-free in prehistoric human times, citing such articles as the Perry Reece maps which show Antarctica free from ice before it was even meant to have been discovered.

Those who choose Atlantic Ocean islands such as The Azores or Canary Islands do so because they believe that the ancient buildings found there in archaeological excavations correspond too well with similar ancient buildings found in The Americas, such as the step pyramids.

Whereas those who choose Central or South America usually do so because they rule out the possibility of an entire continent having sunken into the Atlantic Ocean within the span of human history, as being without and even contrary to geological evidence and  conclude that the most likely geographical location for Atlantis is therefore some place in The Americas.

If Atlantis ever did exist then this last choice is the most likely candidate. – Not only does the geography match the accounts given in Plato’s works, but the linguistic and genetic similarities between native groups in The Americas and Old World cultures are too consist to be a coincident.

For example, the Narhautl (Aztec) word for water is “atl”, whereas the Quchua (Inca) word for copper is “antis”, thereby spelling out the name ‘Atlantis’. There are also genetic and physiological characteristics among native American populations which point towards a non-Asiatic origin and these characteristics become more prominent towards the northeast, where the ice caps would have once acted as a bridge linking Europe with what is now the central seaboard of the United States.

This theory is confirmed by the recent discovery of a wave of Early European colonization, which pre-dates the Asiatic settlement of North America via the Pacific Northwest in approximately 9000 BC.

The new theory is largely based on so called ‘Clovis’ spearhead points and other artefacts dating from the Solutrean Period, demonstrating early human settlement from what is now Southern France and the Iberian Peninsular. – The artefacts prove that early European settlement most likely occurred from 20,000 BC to 11,000 BC, due to the striking similarity between these artefacts and a range of contemporary artefacts found in Southwest Europe.

It is therefore entirely likely that an Ice Age Atlantis did exist at some point in The Americas, most likely in what is now the Caribbean since it matches the descriptions of Atlantis “conquering” other islands in close proximity to it, before expanding outwards and since the Caribbean region, not being covered by an ice cap, is the area which would have received most flooding at the end of the ice age, submerging in excess of 60% of the region’s land mass.

This would also explain why Atlantis has been very difficult to locate, since marine archaeology is far more difficult to undertake than land archaeology.

Plato’s accounts also talk of a “vast mountain range” in the middle of the continent, which would correspond with the Andes Mountains and perhaps even imply that the western half of South America is now underwater!

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Oldest person? Tue, 04 Jun 2013 13:48:10 +0000 admin The oldest person to have officially ever lived was a Frenchwoman named Jeanne Calment who lived to the age of 122.

Mrs. Calment was born on February 21st 1875 in Arles France and died on August 4th 1997 in the same city. She claimed to have once met Vincent Van Gough and as a result became famous as the last person to have personally met the famous artist.

She outlived both her daughter and grandson who both died of old age.

In 1896 and at the age of 21 she married her husband Fernand Nicolas Calment who was also her double second cousin and six years her senior (born in 1869).

His wealth made it possible for her to never have to work. She therefore spent most of her long life in leisurely activity, pursuing hobbies and sports and devoting much of her time to the raising of her children.

Aged 67 Jeanne’s husband passed away of food poisoning in 1942 at the age of 73.

Jeanne was already 44 years old when the First World War broke out in 1914 and was old enough to see the Eiffel Tower being built.

In 1960 at the age of 85 Jeanne took up fencing, but smoked from the age of 21 in 1896 to the age of 117 in 1992.

She died of old age at 10:45pm on August 4th 1997.

The oldest living person still alive is 116 year old Mr. Jiroemon Kimura of Japan, born as  Kinjiro Miyake on April 19th 1897. He is also one of only 11 living persons to be officially recognized as being born in the 19th Century.

Jiroemon started his career in the 1920’s as an Imperial communications worker in the then Imperial Japanese colony of Korea. He married his neighbour Yae Kimura who died in 1978 at the age of 74.

Kimura has 5 surviving children, with 2 more who are now deceased, 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 14 great-great-grandchildren.

Kimura reportedly reads newspapers with a magnifying glass every day and follows Japanese politics very closely.

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Troll Mocks Dead Journalist Sat, 01 Jun 2013 16:42:45 +0000 admin There is an extremist left wing blogger in the UK – who lives in a grim railway town called Crewe – called Tim Fenton (pictured). Amateur commenter Fenton writes a little-known blog called Zelo Street and operates the Twitter account @zelo_street. Fenton’s blog comprises a series of angry and bitter posts which few people read and no-one comments on.

Fenton is an evil, little man with about as much sense as hair.

By Zaid Malik

So why, I hear you asking, does Tim “No Comments” Fenton get anywhere near being an article subject for this paper?

The answer is simple: Tim Fenton is a dreadful troll, who mocks dead war correspondents. Yes, he’s down there in the gutter on the list of worst trolls ever alongside Slappy the Jew Hater, the Australian web stalker Tim “Bloggerheads” Ireland, and Paranoid Dave. (And we are a great fan of exposing trolls, who seem to exist merely to make others’ lives a misery because they have made an utter misery of their own.)

Last year, untrustworthy Tim Fenton – a hobbyist trainspotter so we are told – was trying to establish the true identity of a real journalist who happened to use a pseudonym on Twitter and who happened to have upset him; a journalist who exposed dishonest Fenton as a troll (more later from this journalist).

Tim Fenton excitedly declared that he had a scoop – that the journalist in question was this man here:

Dishonest Fenton had in fact used a photo of a newspaper war correspondent for his “scoop”:

Yes, readers, those two pictures look the same. The person that Tim Fenton of Zelo Street claimed was the journalist was actually a chap called Rupert, who happened to be a brave war correspondent.

That was when a gentleman called Billy Bowden pointed out to all just what a sick, perverted weirdo Fenton actually was. Look at this article here:

Yes, the photo Fenton manifested was a photo of a brave British war correspondent who lost his life for the rest of us. Does Fenton have no shame? The Internet seems to be rife with sickos like Fenton.

The British Government is currently designing new laws to tackle the likes of Tim Fenton. Trolling and bullying has led to some horrific incidents across the globe including the tragic deaths of teenagers Megan Meier and Carolina Picchio. The current situation cannot be allowed to continue.

Only under severe pressure did Tim Fenton apologise. He posted an apology on his Twitter account some time later. But the damage had been done. (Sociopaths like Fenton just don’t think before they act).

Fenton rubs shoulders with other loony leftist bloggers who hate Britain and detest the fact that Brit voters rejected their brand of Trotskyite politics years back and thus reduced them to a handful of irrelevant, poxy blogs and Twitter accounts on the web.

In modern Britain the Far Left is a laughing stock; splintered and riven by in-fighting. The Socialist Worker Party is currently beset by a rape scandal. These Lefties have no power and are reduced to soldier-hating alongside extremist Islamists and other hypocritical political minorities, who sup on Starbucks while keyboard-warrioring against capitalism and the West.

We promised you more from the (living) journalist in question, who then hammered Tim Fenton. Talk about Professional versus Amateur! Let’s finish this article with his choice words about who Fenton really is:

Twitter has given us a unique opportunity to bring social classes, sexes, and those of every race and creed together in one 140 word melting pot.

Sadly for every star on Twitter – Guido Fawkes (of Order Order) being one – there is a stalker, usually a social misfit who goes virtually unnoticed in their everyday existence.

Paul Timothy Fenton, born in Leeds in September 1954, lives alone in Crewe, and has never been married. He grew up in Bradford, and seems to have become a train spotter from an early age. Sadly the advance of the worldwide web has led to Timothy deciding the outside world should have his views on more than the latest locomotives.

He is on several social networks, including Facebook, where he has a total of 14 friends.

Odd then, perhaps, that when we switch to Twitter he has more than 4,000 followers except, as has been pointed out elsewhere, the vast majority are fake.

In fairness to oddball Tim he has pointed out that the bogus followers were bought by others as a joke – but has been in no hurry to use easily available software to have them unfollow him.

Fenton you see is all about attention – usually tweeting and attacking other more successful bloggers such as the aforementioned Guido in a bid to divert some of the attention they receive on to himself.

Quite what he does away from Twitter is unclear – and from the little there is it is nothing much to shout about.

Tim is a director of an IT consultancy bearing his name – his younger sister Miriam is the company secretary- but the last set of accounts in 2010 show profits of just £7,558. Home is a terraced house he purchased for under £100,000 from where he works comically from a PC he calls “Tim’s computer”.

Online rarely a day goes by without Tim stalking Guido or his counterpart Harry Cole – then writing a blog about it. Rarely do they provoke any reaction – leading to the entirely accurate description of him as “No Comments Tim”, so he has got nastier and nastier in a bid to get a reaction.

Those familiar with these nasty moments on Twitter – taunting a cancer victim is another recent example – won’t be surprised to hear that examples of his bile even before social networking aren’t difficult to find.

One Googlegroups exchange on the UK railways shows Fenton routinely becoming involved in spats with other trainspotters – so crude are the remarks that they are better not mentioned in detail here. Suffice to say he discusses cancer, masturbation, and claims that his rivals partners are sleeping around.

As Timothy would say – no change there then.”

If you are a victim of Paul Timothy Fenton (of the weblog “Zelo Street”) then please contact this paper or go directly to the Police. Alternatively, if you are in the UK, you may contact the National Bullying Helpline whose website we have listed here:

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Do Microwaves Cause Cancer? Fri, 31 May 2013 15:24:32 +0000 admin Old microwave ovens can carry a significant risk of cancer providing there is prolonged close proximity exposure to the device.

New ovens on the other hand are typically designed so as not to exceed 1mW/cm2 of radiated power. In addition, any leak that exceeds 5mW/cm2 at a distance of 2 inches from a microwave oven is considered to be dangerous and the oven should not be used. Ovens can deteriorate over time and should be checked to ensure that these limits are not exceeded.

If an oven is in good condition then it would present no more risk than anything else around your home such as eating processed food, using mobile phones, living near HV power lines, or living in your house which exposes you to electromagnetic radiation from the electrical wiring.

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Jesus Man of Sutton Fri, 31 May 2013 15:20:56 +0000 admin Jesus Man of Sutton otherwise known as Anthony Dare (born 1946), was a well-known local eccentric known for always wearing a stunning white suit, white trainers and sporting a long white beard, with flowing grey shoulder length hair.

He would often walk up to strangers to hand them loose change and spent most of his days wandering the parks and streets of Sutton whilst feeding biscuits to pigeons. Anthony Dare died in St. Helier Hospital on September 29th 2007 of stomach cancer. He was 61.

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Wizard Man of Sutton Fri, 31 May 2013 15:11:10 +0000 admin Conrad Pugsley otherwise known as Wizard Man of Sutton can often be seen walking in and around Sutton High Street in Greater London, dressed as a wizard.

He is distinguishable from the rest of the crowds by his long flowing purple and burgundy robes and extensive Pagan jewellery which makes him look like a character out of Lord of The Rings. Until recently he also had a black cat tied to his shoulder, which later ran away.

Conrad was taken to a Sutton Magistrates Court in 2008 for allegedly possessing an offensive weapon but was later acquitted on religious grounds after it was proven that the knife in question was for used for making religious sticks, which in turn were used for creating Pagan pentangles.

Later on in the same year Wizard Man was nominated to turn on the town’s Christmas lights however, an imposter dressed like him turned on the lights instead upsetting 8,000 onlookers who were generally none-the-wiser as he did say.

Speaking of the incident Wizard Man of Sutton said: “I feel the organisers have let the people of Sutton down. This is not what they wanted and the false wizard just gave a silly impression of what people think wizards should look like. He was wearing completely the wrong clothes, when I have a hooded robe and skull cap.”

Conrad’s last public appearance in the media was when occupied Sutton High Street during the 2011 riots, waiting for rioters which he could cast spells on in order to ward them off by means of magic powers.

In 2012 Conrad was nominated to be the Olympic torch bearer in Sutton but was unsuccessful before the deadline.

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Bearded Lady of Guildford Fri, 31 May 2013 15:04:02 +0000 admin Bearded Lady of Guildford’s real name is Brenda. She is originally from The Midlands and can often be seen sitting on Guildford park benches and wondering through Guildford shopping apartments. She generally sits in the food court on the upper floor of the Friary Centre in Guildford, tucked away on a back table in the area next to the smoothie stall.

She used to live in London but then retired to Guildford because London was “too crowded” for her. Her favourite meals are roast beef, shepherd’s pie, mild curry and Foster’s lager.

Her favourite pastimes are reading old Beano and Dandy comic books and watching the Adams Family. She has a wide following on the internet but has never installed home internet access. She is approximately 75 years old. She once visited Australia when she was 28 but can’t remember why.

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Is Bestiality Legal? Fri, 31 May 2013 14:58:07 +0000 admin Bestiality or ‘zoophilia’ (sex with animals) is completely legal within 17 different countries, which are: Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden and Thailand.

However, the only countries where the sale and ownership of zoophilic pornography is also legal are Brazil, Denmark and Sweden.

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Biggest Betting Win Ever? Fri, 31 May 2013 13:35:44 +0000 admin The largest gambling win that was ever paid out by a casino took place at a casino in Darwin Australia in 1990, when Japanese property developer Akio Kashiwagi won $19,000,000 / £12,500,000 in a single round of baccarat.

Among casino employees he is known as “The Warrior” for his tenancy to bet hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time.

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Do Animals Talk? Thu, 30 May 2013 15:59:31 +0000 admin Scientists have managed to teach a few chimpanzees and bonobos how to make some basic human sign language and some dolphins and porpoises how to recognize some basic human sign language, but as for complicated sounds no animal has been able to do anymore than mimic simple words.

At most chimpanzees are able to put together some basic sentences to do with food, death, sleep and spatial awareness.

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