Topless Women Legal In New York

19-year-old blonde, 5’9 fashion model Cheyenne Lutek from New Jersey, has caused widespread sensation in New York City, after going into some of the trendiest restaurants in Manhattan only to strip off topless for 29-year-old photographer...

Browne Shocks Fashion Week

During this week’s Paris fashion parade American designer Thom Browne outfitted his male models in bizarre and garish coloured uniforms, reminiscent of Hitler’s Third Reich, sporting silver plated authority glasses and bright red lipstick. Written...

BBC Apologises For Presenter’s Lewd Dress

The BBC has apologised after more than 100 viewers of the British spin-off sing-along TV series ‘The Voice’, wrote in to complain about the allegedly lewd dress of the 32-year-old TV presenter Holly Willoughby, which the presenter appeared...

Menswear At Milan’s Fashion Week 2013

This week was Fashion week in Milan, an event when Italy’s fashion designers and fashion models get together to show-off their latest wears. Written by Chris White Inside the event the prime centre piece was Italian designer Giorgio Armani’s...

The Aventador AU79

Ever considered buying a gold plated Lamborghini? Well now you can with last year’s introduction of the Aventador AU79, a Lamborghini plated entirely with gold!! Written by Chris White The Aventador AU79 is just that – a regular Lamborghini...

Singapore Fashion Fest

With Singapore now boasting of the highest number of millionaire households per capita on the planet, the Far Eastern island-metropolis now also plays host to one of the World’s most famous luxury brands, with fashion-designer Carolina Herrera...
punk fashion

Revival of Punk

Punk’s Fashion Revival: How You Can Get The Look. As the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York opens its Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition to the public, punk style is firmly back on the fashion agenda. Of all the A-list attendees walking...

The most noble of fabrics makes a welcome return

  Velvet – traditionally the fabric of nobility -  is making a welcome come back for Christmas and the winter season.

Rolando Santana: Effortless Luxury

Article and photos: Angel Millar Last week, a couple of hundred fashionistas packed themselves into what was once probably a warehouse, in the now fashionable area of Chelsea, New York City. Rolando Santana’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection,...