jason collins

Jason Collins: The Great Black Hope

The professional sports world has been waiting for a Jason Collins moment— a gay athlete currently playing in a major league to come out publicly.  What you may not know is that the subtext is that it was hoped the moment would star an African...
Free Syrian Army soldiers in Idlib

Five Strategies for The U.S. in Syria

WASHINGTON  In the western media’s telling, the civil war in Syria began and continues as a morality play, good versus evil, and for good reason.  The regime headed for nearly a decade and a half by Bashar al-Assad has pursued policies of...
al qaeda

Chechnya – Headscarves, Not Babushkas.

This is not your grandmothers Russia, Islamist Chechen soldiers are joining with Al Qaeda all over the Middle East and can be found across vast areas; from civil wars in Northern African to rebel camps in Syria, and now Boston, Massachusetts. A...