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Formula One’s governing body said the 25-year-old lost control of his Marussia on the wet track, travelled across the runoff area and hit the rear of a recovery tractor which was trying to remove a stricken Sauber.

The accident led to the race at Suzuka being stopped and cast a pall over the paddock with drivers shocked at what had happened.

McLaren’s Jenson Button, who finished fifth, said it was “an accident that you hope never happens in Formula One”.

Bianchi, extracted unconscious from the car, was taken by ambulance to Mie General Hospital where he underwent surgery.

“The CT scan shows that he has suffered a severe head injury,” the International Automobile Federation (FIA) said in a statement.

Speaking to France 3 television, Bianchi’s father Philippe said it could take 24 hours before the situation became clearer.

The accident was the most serious involving a driver at a grand prix weekend since Brazilian Felipe Massa suffered near-fatal head injuries in Hungary in 2009 after being hit on the helmet by a bouncing spring shed from a car in front.

Massa made a full recovery from that incident and was racing for Williams on Sunday.

The Brazilian, who has the same manager as Bianchi, went with other drivers and team officials to the hospital after the race while an outpouring of support for the Frenchman flooded social media.

Bianchi, a graduate of Ferrari’s young driver academy, scored Marussia’s first ever points when he finished ninth at this year’s Monaco Grand Prix and was highly-rated with a bright future.

The accident occurred at the same point of the track, the Dunlop Curve, where Adrian Sutil had aquaplaned off into the tyre barrier moments earlier (lap 42) and was watching his car being removed.

The crash brought out the safety and medical cars and then the red flags.

There were no podium celebrations and the champagne was left unsprayed, with the top three drivers merely clinking the bottles before putting them back on the ground.

“It’s obviously a real anti-climax to hear that one of our fellow colleagues is seriously injured so that’s really the main worry,” Mercedes’ race winner Lewis Hamilton told the BBC.

“You could see some commotion and the car was really badly damaged on the right. We just hope he’s OK.”

“I’m not thinking about the race, I’m thinking about my colleague,” said his team mate and title rival Nico Rosberg. “I’ve been given some information and it seems very, very serious. I’m hoping for the best.”

Nice-born Bianchi, who comes from a motor racing family, is a regular travelling companion of Ferrari’s double world champion Fernando Alonso and popular with other drivers, with whom he often plays soccer.

Formula One is proud of its safety record, and constantly strives to make cars safer, while remaining acutely aware that the sport will always be dangerous.

“Motor-racing is dangerous. We get used to it if nothing happens and then suddenly we are all surprised,” former champion Niki Lauda, who came back from a near fatal crash in 1976, told reporters.

The death of Brazilian triple world champion Ayrton Senna, in 1994, remains the last driver race fatality but there have been close escapes since then.

Marussia’s former test driver Maria De Villota, who died last year, lost her right eye and fractured her skull when the Spaniard’s car accelerated into the back of a parked team truck at a 2012 test in England.

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Cardinals Dwyer Arrested Thu, 18 Sep 2014 11:08:15 +0000 admin Arizona Cardinals backup running back Jonathan Dwyer was arrested in connection with domestic abuse allegations, Phoenix police said Wednesday night.

The Cardinals deactivated Dwyer after news of the arrest, according to a news release from the team.

The announcement from the Phoenix Police Department said two incidents allegedly occurred on consecutive days in late July. They were reported last week.

Detectives interviewed Dwyer and he “admitted to the incidents, however, denied any physical assaults,” the police statement said.

Police said he was booked on one count of aggravated assault causing a fracture, one count of aggravated assault involving a minor, two counts of criminal damage, one count of preventing the use of a phone in an emergency, and assault.

The two victims were a 27-year-old woman and an 18-month-old child, police said.

Dwyer is being held at the Maricopa County Jail.

The Cardinals said they became aware of the allegations when contacted by police.

Dwyer, 25, is the fourth NFL player to be in the headlines this week. Two other players, Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings and Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers, took paid leave from their teams to focus on their legal cases.

Peterson has been charged in Texas with child abuse. Hardy has been convicted of misdemeanor assault charges in North Carolina and has been granted the opportunity to have a new trial, this time in front of a jury.

And running back Ray Rice has an appeal with the NFL in connection with his indefinite suspension after a domestic violence incident.

Dwyer is listed as the No. 2 running back for the Cardinals behind Andre Ellington. He is in his fifth NFL season and first with the Cardinals.

Dwyer has 51 yards on 16 carries in two games this year.

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10 Points for Greg Dyke & England Sun, 22 Jun 2014 15:26:15 +0000 admin The latest demise of England at the World Cup has pundits and others scratching their heads for solutions with what to do with Team England. Well, here we have a 10 point to do list for Greg Dyke and the FA which we hope they heed. Or there will be complete disaster in future years (as if this year was not disaster enough for England anyway):

  1. Management. The England job is not a full-time job so do not appoint a full time manager. Instead appoint a full-time coach who comes from England, understands England and wants the team to do well. For now someone like Gary Neville would be an excellent choice or even Gareth Southgate. They should take charge of qualifiers only and sit behind an appointed manager during tournaments. This should be an eight year role. This individual should commit to England and not run around doing pundit roles or managing elsewhere. When a major tournament arrives, the Premiership manager of the year that year should get the manager’s job for the duration of the tournament only. This year it should have been Rodgers. The Premiership should bind managers into agreeing to be available if chosen for the England role. An in-form manager is key – England managers in the past have lost form because the job has been so part time and they have been so far out of the loop of cutting edge Premiership management.
  2. Experience winning. By creating a Home Nations Tournament played in the two free summers between World Cups, England get to win a tournament; likely every two years. The audiences would be high. There would be drama and passion aplenty. We’d love to see a Home Nations tournament every 2 years. The coach and NOT the manager should take charge of these tournaments. Furthermore, all the Scottish, Irish and Welsh pundits and journalists who every 4 years take great pleasure in England failing, would have a yardstick to measure just how bad their own puny nations are at football. The tournament should be played wherever the next international tournament is due, or in a similar climate; so, likely Spain next year or Dubai in 2021.
  3. Central Contracts. There should be 30 central contracts for England players. These contracts should reflect the positions on the pitch, so 9 defenders, 9 midfielders, 9 forwards and 3 goalkeepers. Clubs should be rewarded financially for employing England players. England players should be allowed tax benefits for receiving central contracts. If clubs show a lack of pro-England willingness (think Manchester City right now or Swansea) England should advise these contracted players to boycott them and thus England players will cluster around the clubs (like Liverpool and Arsenal) where they get treated best. If Liverpool nurtured a centre back pairing playing alongside Jon Flanagan and Glen Johnson, you’d have most of the England team playing for Liverpool. Other English players would fight to play for Liverpool. The Premiership, Liverpool and England would benefit. Imagine a complete Premiership team playing for England in a tournament – they’d likely win hands down.
  4. Genius. Every top team has a genius. This could be a Pirlo, a Neymar, Messi or Ronaldo. Without a genius player you’re just a Germany or a France (which England would be pretty happy being right now!) So find one. Search high and low. Bring one in from abroad if necessary and naturalize him.
  5. Quotas. Quotas at first team level won’t work and they will dilute the Premiership offering. So enforce them at academy level only.
  6. The FA. The really big problem with English football is a lack of brains. Listening to the likes of Iniesta or Kompany or Juan Mata you begin to appreciate just how thick the likes of Rooney, Ferdinand and others really are. Thick players don’t help England as they can’t be molded into a team with intelligence that is required these days to win a world cup. Similarly, the FA should implement an IQ test. If employees fail to score 115 or above then they should not be employed. England’s major problem is that its thick footballers hang around in the game. They may be loveable (Brooking, Keegan, Pearce, Hoddle, Shearer) but they are a huge weight on England’s back. It is simply not true that footballers know more about football than outsiders. The best managers have often had dire playing careers – Wenger, Mourinho, Rodgers to name a few – and likewise why should administrators be comprised of footballers who just don’t cut it in the modern world where incisive management and intelligence flourish? When you find an intelligent man choose one with passion who openly hates losing – not a politically correct option like the charming and intelligent Roy Hodgson. There must be an edge to them like Venables or Ferguson.
  7. Penalties. Penalty-taking practice should be part of youth coaching and players on central contracts should be set minimum penalty-taking levels based on spot-testing (no pun intended).
  8. Dine with Friends. The FA should be out there dining with billionaires and urging them to invest in foreign clubs; giving them financial incentives to employ English players. If there were English players in the Italian and Spanish leagues then England would reap the benefits. Buy some foreign clubs and make them England friendly. By subsidizing loans of young English players to Brazilian and Argentinian clubs for a year or two, we’d be investing in skills that players will not pick up by staying at home in comfortable England.
  9. The Press & Media. You can’t control it. So make the whole infrastructure performance-related. Then all the press and media can do is offer support. Someone should have a quiet word about appointing foreign pundits for England World Cup matches. Keep the enemy at the gate. The FA spokesperson is a key person. A Lineker or Neville would fit the bill; as might Ian Wright.
  10. Winter break. Enforce it. It can be in January – everyone’s knackered in January. Either play no games during the break or arrange for a few Premiership games to be played in Dubai or somewhere warm.

Do all that Mr Dyke and the nation will love you.

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Schumacher No Longer in Coma Mon, 16 Jun 2014 09:53:16 +0000 admin Michael Schumacher’s manager says the Formula One great is no longer in a coma and has left a French hospital where he had been receiving treatment since a skiing accident in December.

Manager Sabine Kehm says in a statement that Schumacher has left the hospital in Grenoble “to continue his long phase of rehabilitation.” The statement did not say where the seven-time F1 champion was taken or give any details of his condition.

Kehm adds: “For the future we ask for understanding that his further rehabilitation will take place away from the public eye.”

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Pathetic Argentine Protest Sun, 08 Jun 2014 08:13:27 +0000 admin Argentina inflamed their rivalry with England on the eve of the World Cup on Saturday, unfurling a banner claiming sovereignty of the Falkland Islands before defeating Slovenia 2-0. Sad really that the Argentinians decided to mix politics with football on the eve of a football world cup that looks like being destroyed by political protests on the streets of Brazil.

Tragic really when even people as intelligent as footballers know full well that the Falkland Islands are British, will remain British and were recently overwhelmingly declared British by local plebiscite. Although note that the main Argentinian players (and those who ply their trade in England’s wealthy Premier League) were conspicuous in their absence from the photo.

In short, the people of the Falklands have no intention of becoming part of Argentina with its succession of useless leaders who screw up their economy so badly that they have to use the excuse of the Falkland Islands to divert their uneducated population’s gaze away from their own failings. Argentina continues to be a global embarrassment, close behind Venezuela.

Goals from Ricardo Alvarez and skipper Lionel Messi ensured a winning send-off for the home side before 52,000 adoring fans at La Plata, north of Buenos Aires. Argentina are in Group F in the World Cup against Nigeria, Bosnia and Iran. Should be a cake walk.

Certainly the squad will have raised eyebrows in Britain showing off their politically-charged banner declaring “Las Malvinas Son Argentinas (The Malvinas are Argentine)” to the crowd before kick off. Brits lost soldiers in the Falklands War in 1982 and do not forget when a ragtag bunch of Argentines invaded the islands then fled when the British well and truly kicked their sorry arses back to Buenos Aires. The banner is regularly put on show before Argentina`s games.

But the proximity to the World Cup brought new attention. The South Atlantic islands have been ruled by Britain since 1833 but Argentina claims them. Renewed diplomatic tensions over the islands have added a confrontational edge to a series of titantic battles between England and Argentina at the World Cup.

Four years after the World Cup in 1986, Diego Maradona outraged the English by cheating with his punched “Hand of God” goal in the 2-1 quarter-final victory in Mexico. Maradona later said bitterness over the Falklands conflict had motivated the Argentines against England. “I know publicly we all used to say football has nothing to do with war, but intimately we knew a lot of our boys had died, shot down like little birds,” Maradona said. “And subconsciously, we were aware of that.”

In 1998, an epic last-16 match at the World Cup in France ended in a 2-2 draw with Argentina prevailing in a penalty shoot-out. The match was famous for the red card shown to England`s David Beckham for kicking Diego Simeone. Four years later Beckham avenged the loss at the 2002 finals in Japan, scoring the only goal in a 1-0 victory over Argentina which helped to eliminate the South Americans in the first round. Argentina have been weak since.

England and Argentina are not expected to cross paths at the World Cup in Brazil however, unless they both reach the semi-finals. And the banner added to the party atmosphere in the La Plata stadium. Frontline stars Messi, Sergio Aguero and Angel di Maria started the game on the substitutes` bench and only came on after an hour. Argentina were already one up through a 25 metres shot by Inter Milan`s Alvarez. Di Maria and Aguero laid on Messi`s goal after 75 minutes. “We are going to Brazil with a lot of desire,” the Barcelona star said after the game, in which he scored his 38th goal for Argentina. “We are going to fight to come back with the World Cup,” he added. Argentina are second favourites with most bookmakers after hosts Brazil. “We are a very strong team. We have been playing well for a while and gaining confidence,” he said. Coach Alejandro Sabella said he wanted to get the tournament started. “I`m never calm,” he said. “I`m always nervous and now even more anxious about the beginning” of the World Cup, he told a post-match press conference.

Argentina start against Bosnia on Saturday. Whether they have the mental character to win the world cup is doubtful. Far more likely than the useless Kirchner of Argentina sending a flotilla out to the Falklands to re-invade – once a coward always a coward. She knows at heart the Falklands are as British as British can be. Also that the Brits would smash her sorry, under-invested forces to pieces if ever provoked again.

Argentina is creaking badly. Kirchner knows her days are well and truly numbered. Even yesterday she reported a “Secretary of National Thought”. All a bit embarrassing really.

Even if Argentina do win World Cup 2014, which is highly unlikely, the Argentinian people deserve better than Kirchner and her sorry excuses. Time for a leader who recognizes the British aren’t budging from the Falklands. The only one moving soon is her.


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Heat in Brazil Turns Up Mon, 26 May 2014 08:56:25 +0000 admin The heat in Brazil is the main reason that German star Marco Reus thinks Germany should not be considered favourites for this year’s World Cup in Brazil. Others like former Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar also think the heat will be too much for most – putting Brazil up there as favourites to win their sixth World title.

Betfair Sports Betting also has the Brazilians as favorites although the market is chopping and changing as news of players’ fitness emerges. For example, Suarez’ injury saw Uruguay’s chances of winning the World Cup decrease massively.

England’s hopes of winning the World Cup are slim. However a blend of youth (Sterling, Barkley and Luke Shaw) and old stalwarts such as Rooney and Gerrard have some English still dreaming. Perhaps Roy Hodgson the England manager can find some way to get out of the Group of Death England finds itself in with Uruguay and Italy expected to emerge from the Group rather than unfancied England.

With just a couple of weeks to go until the World Cup there is massive confidence in Spain, who think they have what it takes to add to their recent Euro Championship wins and the 2010 World Cup which they won in South Africa. You’d be brave to bet against the team that seems to conquer all with its passing football and impressive guile.

Argentina are also expectant. With Messi, Aguero and other superstars Argentina this year have an abundance of riches. But they have failed to deliver for many years now and one wonders whether their team can manage under the great weight of expectation back home. Messi also – who never seems to show up to World Cups – must see that to be really great like compatriot Maradona or Brazilian Pele there has to be a World Cup Winner’s medal in the trophy cabinet.

The heat is turning up.

Our favourite?




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Schumacher Sedation Reduced Thu, 30 Jan 2014 15:26:24 +0000 admin Doctors treating injured Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher are reducing his sedation to prepare to bring him out of a coma, his manager says.

This step will allow the “waking up process” to start, Sabine Kehm said in a statement.

But bringing the seven-times champion out of the coma “could take a long time”, she added.

Schumacher suffered a severe head injury in a skiing accident in the French Alps on 29 December.

He was put into a medically induced coma by his doctors at a clinic in Grenoble following operations to remove blood clots from his brain.

Doctors have kept the 45-year-old German asleep to help reduce the swelling.

Ms Kehm was approached by the media for comment on Schumacher’s condition on Wednesday – exactly a month after his crash. She said then that his condition remained “stable”.

In her statement on Thursday, she said it had been agreed to communicate details of his sedation “only once this process was consolidated”.

The statement again included an appeal by Schumacher’s family for privacy for them and for his doctors, while at the same time expressing “sincere appreciation for the worldwide sympathy”.

At his bedside since the accident, the family have received hundreds of letters and gifts from around the world.

Earlier this month, investigators probing the accident said Schumacher had been going at the speed of “a very good skier” at the time of his crash in the resort of Meribel.

He had been skiing 8m off-piste when he fell and hit a rock, investigators said.

Experts reconstructed events leading up to the crash after examining Schumacher’s skiing equipment and viewing footage filmed on a camera attached to his helmet.

Schumacher retired from racing in 2012 after a 19-year career.

He won two titles with Benetton, in 1994 and 1995, before switching to Ferrari in 1996 and going on to win five straight titles from 2000.

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Ecclestone Faces Bribery Charges Thu, 16 Jan 2014 11:00:05 +0000 admin Bernie Ecclestone will stand  trial on bribery charges in Germany, it has been confirmed.

Prosecutors in Munich announced on Thursday that they will launch criminal  proceedings against Ecclestone over the $44m (£27m) that was paid to the German  banker Gerhard Gribkowsky during the sale of Formula One in 2005. Ecclestone  faces charges of bribery and incitement to breach of trust.

As yet there is no date set for the start of the trial but it is expected  that proceedings will begin in April. Sky News reports that Ecclestone  will remain in charge of the day-to-day management of Formula One despite  stepping down from the board of the sport’s owners CVC for the duration of the  trial.

Despite Ecclestone also waiting to hear the outcome of a High Court trial – in which he was accused by German media group Constantin Medien of conspiring to  undervalue F1 during the sale to CVC in 2005 – Red Bull team principal Christian  Horner believes the sport needs him at the helm.

“Bernie is absolutely the best and only guy to do what he does, to take  Formula One to the global reach that the sport has achieved, introducing races  in Russia this year, going back to the Austrian Grand Prix,” Horner told AP. “It’s a massive calendar that he’s pulled together (for 2014) …  it’s in all our interests that he’s around as long as possible.”


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Schumacher Fights For His Life Mon, 30 Dec 2013 13:31:51 +0000 admin Former motor racing world champion Michael Schumacher is in a coma following a skiing accident in France – and doctors say they “cannot predict his future”.

The 44-year-old German is fighting for his life at a hospital in Grenoble and surgeons are working “hour by hour” to save him.

Michael Schumacher was skiing with his son at the time of the accident

At a press conference this morning, in Grenoble, doctors said he had suffered many lesions to his brain and his prognosis was unclear.

Surgeons operated to remove a blood clot in his brain and are now trying to reduce “dangerous swelling”, meaning his condition could go either way.

The hospital revealed that Schumacher was being kept in a state of hyperthermia by controlling his temperature to keep it at 34C-35C (93.2F-95F).

He is under general anaesthetic in an induced coma.

“He’s in a critical situation – this is considered to be extremely serious,” Chief Anaesthetist Jean-Francois Payen told journalists.

The doctor said that Schumacher’s family were at his bedside and friends had flown in to the hospital to lend their support.

“We are working day and night at his bedside,” Dr Payen said. “It is too early to say anything as far as prognosis is concerned,” he added.

Neurosurgeon Stephan Chabardes said an emergency brain scan had revealed internal bleeding, and injuries including contusions and lesions.

“On his arrival we examined him clinically and we realised he was in a serious condition, in a coma, with in fact cranial pressure,” Dr Chabardes said.

“The brain scan showed a number of pieces of information, some intercranial haematoma but also some cerebral contusions and oedema.

“We operated urgently to try to eliminate the haematoma. After the operation we saw that we had been able to eliminate these haematoma but also sadly the appearance of various bilateral lesions.

Doctors could not give a prognosis at a press conference in Grenoble

“So therefore he was taken to intensive care to try to help.

“I am very worried just like his family, we are very worried about his condition. The doctors won’t tell you more because they can’t tell you more, they are working hour by hour.”

Schumacher was wearing a helmet when he hit his head on a rock while skiing in the French Alps resort of Meribel with his 14-year-old son.

“Someone who had suffered this accident without a helmet would not have made it this far,” Dr Payen said

The area where Schumacher was skiing is part of a web of trails that slice down through a vast and, in parts, very steep snowfield.

Although challenging, the runs are broad and neatly tended, and the off-piste areas – where Schumacher was found – is free of trees.

The motor-racing champion was conscious when first responders arrived on the scene, although agitated and in shock, according to a resort spokesman.

He was first airlifted to a local hospital and then later brought to Grenoble for more intensive treatment, when his condition deteriorated.

The French Mountain Gendarmerie had earlier said Schumacher’s life was not in danger.

Fellow drivers, politicians and friends spoke of their alarm. Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was “extremely shocked along with millions of Germans”.

Schumacher’s family also released a brief statement. It read: “We would like to thank the medical team who we know do everything possible to help Michael.

“We like to also thank the people from all around the world who have expressed their sympathy and sent their best wishes for Michael’s recovery.”



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Brazilian Football Violence Mon, 09 Dec 2013 12:06:45 +0000 admin A key Brazilian league match was stopped for more than an hour after fans started fighting in the stands on Sunday, prompting police to fire rubber bullets to contain the crowd and bring a helicopter onto the field to airlift an injured man to a hospital

Supporters from Atletico Paranaense and Vasco da Gama charged against each other and it took several moments for police to take control of the situation in the southern city of Joinville. Groups of fans punched and kicked each other several times until police arrived and fired rubber bullets to clear the crowd.

Doctors said three other fans were hospitalized but none of their injuries were life-threatening. The man airlifted from the pitch had a serious head injury but his life also wasn’t at risk, according to information released by the Hospital Sao Jose.

The match, which restarted after about an hour and 10 minutes, was important for both teams as Atletico Paranaense was trying to secure a spot in next year’s Copa Libertadores and Vasco da Gama, a four-time Brazilian champion, was hoping to avoid relegation. Atletico Paranaense won 5-1 to reach its goal and demote the Rio de Janeiro club.

Fan violence has been rampant in Brazil this year with several cases of fighting in stadiums across the country, raising concerns ahead of the World Cup. The match was being played in Joinville instead of Atletico’s base in Curitiba because the club had been punished for fan violence earlier this year.

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