Celebrities who Enjoy Gambling

Online casino and sports book sites have seen the numbers of people choosing to bet rise enormously during the last couple of decades, and nowadays casino and sports betting are so fashionable that top celebrities are open about their passion for them – in a way that hasn’t really been the case since the heyday of Ol’ Blue Eyes and the Rat Pack. These are some of the stars following in those iconic footsteps.


George Clooney has always seemed like a man with one foot in the golden era of stardom, embodied by the likes of Sinatra and Dean Martin, so it isn’t surprising that he shares their love of the casino. He is the co-owner of an exclusive casino and hotel complex called Las Ramblas, in Vegas, and he is known to participate in poker tournaments held all over the world, when he is not busy acting and directing.







While there is a touch of the Old World Star about Clooney, Ashton Kutcher is a very modern celebrity – right down to his infamous love of Twitter. Another passion of his, which is less well-known, is sports betting; and he is very good at it, judging by the $750,000 he won as part of a syndicate gambling on the results of college football. Clearly he isn’t as dumb as he suggests in so many of his movies.







The star of the Spiderman films Tobey Maguire is possibly the most successful of the many casino gambling fans in Hollywood, having even earned compliments from serious professional players like Phil Hellmuth. The latter described Maguire as a potentially great player after he finished first at the Phil Hellmuth Invitational, but with rumoured winnings in the region of $10 million and further successes in tournaments like the Hollywood Park event, he can’t be too shabby right now. If you want be like Spiderman and win some big dollar, you can play online pokies at your favourite online casino.

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