Creditnet Bank Internationale: Fake Bank

A considerable number of brokers have been attempting to send a KTT transfer from a”bank” called Creditnet Bank Internationale. Unfortunately, the bank is not capable because it is not a bank. It’s another one of Robert Bruce Gray’s fake banks.

Please report any approaches to your local police.

It is worth reading here:

Winemaker Andrew Garrett launched ill-fated takeover bids for four of Australia’s largest companies using documents Westpac believed to be worthless, court documents show.
The revelations are made in a judgment on just one of several actions in various courts launched by Garrett, in which judges have spoken of a “mountain” of documents being lodged with the court and “incoherent” statements of claim. One Federal Court judgment against Garrett details his attempts to acquire Qantas, BHP Billiton, Suncorp Metway and Foster’s Group.
The judgment handed down last month dismissed his action against Westpac, which refused to honour two “sight drafts” from purported Swiss bank Creditnet Bank Internationale, for $US350 million and $US11 billion. A previous Supreme Court judgment found that Bills of Exchange from Creditnet were not legal tender. It is unclear whether the bills and the sight drafts are one and the same.
In Westpac correspondence to Garrett, quoted in the judgment, the bank says the drafts were “unusual”.
In another Federal Court judgment against Garrett, also handed down recently, his statement of claim was labelled “an embarrassing document replete with grave assertions against persons and entities”. In that case, which was dismissed, he was attempting to, among other actions, sue former company Foster’s Wine Estates.
Garrett’s legal woes began about the time of the collapse of his Braidwood group of companies in July, 2003.
The National Australia Bank, which repossessed his house, is attempting to have him declared a vexatious litigant, which would curtail his ability to lodge actions, at least in the Supreme Court.

And here: http://www.topix.com/forum/business/banking/TNBQ1Q9T1E9RIMSBN

And here: http://antifraudintl.org/newreply.php?s=c28d63c474b8df965d7e918c62676fba&p=185594&noquote=1

Brokers, DO NOT waste your time guys & gals.


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