Czech PM Resigns in Disgrace

The Czech Republic’s Prime Minister Petr Necas has announced his resignation as Prime Minister amid a bribery, fraud and espionage scandal resulting in prosecution charges, that has rocked the country.

Written by Chris White

Under the Czech constitution the entire government will now have to disband in order for a new leader to be elected.

The charges allege that Necas commissioned the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Ms. Jana Nagyova to bribe various members of parliament and to instigate a secret surveillance campaign on various individuals, including the Prime Minister’s wife, whom Necas is now divorcing.

Although Necas has formerly denied the surveillance charges his coalition partners have announced that in light of the charges they could no longer continue to support him as Prime Minister.

Nagyova denies some of the charges, but admits some of them on the basis that she acted only in good faith.

The resignation comes into effect as from today.

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