Diosdado Cabello : Murderer

The man behind the murder of Venezuelan citizens these last few weeks and the man busily enriching himself behind the scenes while President Nicolas Maduro takes the brunt of public attacks is a little-known thug who is currently President of the Venezuelan Assembly. This coward is a man called Diosdado Cabello. In future he will become well-known when he faces up to his crimes either in an international or Venezuelan court.

It is Diosdado Cabello who gave the order to the pro-Maduro terrorist group called the Tupamaros to attack unarmed students in recent days.

Diosdado is a typical Chavista. An uneducated bully pretending that Marxism works whilst robbing the people. His ties with Cuba are well-known and his placing of Cubans within the Venezuelan establishment and military are transparent.

How can a dumb, little murderer get away with being a Minister inside a national Government? Well, it seems Venezuela is on the rocks now. It is literally falling apart whilst the people have no food and the sick have no medication. It is against such a background that invertebrates such as Cabello thrive.

So, who is this violent thug?

Several historical facts about Cabello:

Diosdado Cabello is a traitor. This is a historical, public fact. He betrayed his oath as an army officer, betrayed the Constitution and laws of Venezuela, and betrayed the people of Venezuela when he conspired/participated in one of the two failed coups in 1992 which sought to topple democratically elected President Carlos Andres Perez.

Diosdado Cabello is certainly corrupt. He didn’t have any personal wealth when Hugo Chavez was first elected president in December 1998. But today Diosdado is reputedly one of the wealthiest senior members of the Bolivarian revolution. And with the Public Works portfolio he now holds, Diosdado undoubtedly is growing even wealthier.

Diosdado Cabello is guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. He conspired actively to commit mass murder in April 2002 against unarmed civilians. Together with President Chavez, Diosdado was one of the chief intellectual authors and executors of “Operation Knockout,” a plot hatched by Chavez and other senior regime officials to create a Bolivarian Tiananmen Square Massacre in downtown Caracas.

As Vice President in those turbulent months of 2001 and 2002, Cabello also illegally abused the office of vice president of Venezuela to coordinate the violent actions of armed Bolivarian Circles against unarmed civilians and members of the opposition.

Diosdado Cabello, we are watching you. Your days are numbered. Get out of Venezuela you dirty little coward. Your family should be very ashamed of you.




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