Floating Theatre Opens

A 60 foot long, wide-beamed cinema canal boat, known as the London Floating Cinema, will return to The Thames towards the end of this month, screening a double-bill  which will consist of a horror show special, followed by a new film produced by Culture Show star Michael Smith.

Written by Chris White

This will be followed by a weekend of horror films, curated by film director Steven Sheil, a fancy dress screening of Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie and an outdoor ‘Horror Weekender’, featuring Jack Arnold’s classic chiller ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’.
The launch is scheduled to take place at the Open East Festival in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and will mark the beginning of a whole series of riverbank events which will run until September 30th.

The riverine events will include a floating tour of London’s historic cemeteries conducted by experts from the London Museum of Archaeology, a microbiological tour of East London’s waterways conducted by Professor Malcolm Burrows of Cambridge University, canal tours, talks and workshops.

The London Floating Cinema was successfully launched in 2011, attracting 5,000 visitors and an online audience of 80,000 patrons.

In a statement the London Floating Theatre said:

“We wanted this year’s programme to say that it’s London’s ordinary people that make its culture so extraordinary and to spotlight some of those people and what they do in life, as well as to make sure they are at the heart of the programme as an active audience. The Extra-Ordinary theme offers a celebration of the overlooked and ‘ordinary’ in life, and brings to the fore the brilliance to be found on our doorstep.”

The cinema canal barge is currently still under construction by boat-building specialists at Turks Boatyard in Chatham.

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