Maduro Fabricates Election Victory

So Nicholas Maduro, successor of Hugo Chavez, has won a narrow victory in Venezuela’s presidential poll? Yeah right! Allied predicted this “result” some months back here.

Allegedly Mr Maduro won 50.7% of the vote against 49.1% for opposition candidate Henrique Capriles. The Venezuelan electronic voting system has already been declared open to fraud by even Jimmy Carter. It’s been used again for pro Chavez party votes.

Give the new guy some benefit of the doubt? No way! Maduro, remember, was the same man who faked Chavez’ time of death. He is even less trustworthy than El Commandante himself (PBUH).

Capriles has rightly demanded a recount, saying Mr Maduro was now “even more loaded with illegitimacy”. Capriles said there were more than 300,000 incidents from Sunday’s poll that would need to be examined. Almost immediately one member of the National Electoral Council who does not have government sympathies, called on the authorities to carry out a recount by hand, a call later echoed by Mr Capriles himself.

Even in a fiddled election, in front of the Miraflores presidential palace there was uncertainty. People started gathering early on in the night, but they listened to radios to keep across the official results. The National Electoral Council’s announcement was broadcast through loudspeakers among the crowd, but people didn’t wait to hear the margin by which Nicolas Maduro had won.

Screaming and chanting took over. Beer was thrown into the air. People hugged each other. Nobody seemed to mind if the victory was narrow. “This victory is dedicated to Hugo Chavez, our commander. My vote went to him,” said one brainwashed woman. No doubt the creditos (loans for nothing) which Chavez handed out will still flow to the uneducated poor to make them even more dependent on the Venezuelan State.

Announcing the results late on Sunday night, the Venezuelan National Electoral Council said they were “irreversible”;  terminology last used by the Council before a military coup d’etat ousted the incumbent and Chavez emerged as a leader in the nineties.

As the news of Maduro’s “victory” emerged, celebrations erupted in the capital, Caracas, where Mr Maduro’s jubilant supporters set off fireworks and blasted car horns. Opposition voters banged pots and pans in protest.

In a victory speech outside the presidential palace, Mr Maduro, wearing the colours of the Venezuelan flag and a charming shellsuit, told crowds that the result was “just, legal and constitutional”. He said his election showed Hugo Chavez “continues to be invincible, that he continues to win battles”. This is the biggest lie yet from the former bus driver.

Mr Maduro said he had spoken to Mr Capriles on the phone, and that he would allow an audit of the election result and called for those who had not voted for him to “work together” for the country. Interesting from someone who was throwing Capriles’ allies in jail just a month ago.

Maduro knows very well that the alleged 1.6% victory he achieved would be cancelled out if the foreign Venezuelan vote had been counted, even just in Miami. He will not last long.

There is absolutely no way the Venezuelan Opposition will work with the Maduro Government. There is more likely to be a civil war; more likely than that, that the army realises it is time for change and Capriles or another leader is elevated to the Presidency.

This result is a sham.

“It is the government that has been defeated,” Capriles said. Then, addressing Mr Maduro directly, he said: “The biggest loser today is you. The people don’t love you.”

Maduro may last two years. Then Chavez’ Bolivarian Revolution will hit the rocks and – partly the fault of the current driver – end up like one of the many burnt-out buses littering Venezuela’s dangerous roads.

Written By Dominic Wightman

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