Massive Snowstorm Left 18 Dead

A massive snowstorm hit the region over the weekend causing 18 deaths in the Northeast and Canada and left catastrophic damages. The coastal areas were spared despite lashed by strong winds and waves, as reported.

One of the highest accumulations ever recorded was 3 feet of snow which covered the regions causing millions from New York to Maine clearing paths and driveways.

The snowstorm likewise caused power outage, closures of schools and business establishments, shutdowns of transport operations, including buses and railroads due to inaccessibility of the roads and cancellation of flights nationwide.

Due to power outage, hundreds of people were forced to take refuge in emergency centers.

However, by Monday, February 11th, electricity returned though 130,000 still had no electricity out of 650,000 from eight states who suffered power outage during the storm.

Major highways were cleared and public transportation systems, including train services, resumed operations. Driving bans were lifted and flights resumed at major airports.

However, secondary roads are still covered with snow and snow banks blocking sight lines proved hazardous. Parking areas were filled with snow and only a lane on a two lane road is accessible.

Some public schools in Boston, Providence and Long Island cancelled classes on Feb. 11th, Monday, and in some areas, non-essential workers were told to take the day off by local governments.

The shutdown on Sunday of Long Island’s expressway stranded many people overnight during the storm. It was re-opened on Monday.

Christopher Mahood, 23, of Germantown, N.Y. died Friday night while he was plowing snow with his tractor, local media reported. A 60-year-old off-duty member of Worcester Fire Department in Webster died of heart attack while clearing snow at his home on Feb. 9th, Saturday.

On the same day, carbon monoxide caused the deaths of two people while sitting in a running car. The tailpipe of the vehicle was clogged with snow. Many are still trying to recover from the incident.

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