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New York plastic surgeon Dr. Sharon McLaughin-Weber who herself had a double mastectomy after a lymphoma diagnosis at the age of 13, has launched a new line if lingerie aimed at helping breastless women feel sexy and attractive.

Written by Chris White

The lingerie line which is especially licensed for breastless women, is designed to accommodate a variety of prosthetics, scared tissue and other features associated with mastectomies.

The new line of mastectomy-friendly clothing comes after a Change.org petition was submitted to the Victoria’s Secret, asking the fashion brand to design similar lingerie however, despite amassing at least 120,000 signatures the brand’s directors decided not to go along with the petition claiming that the creation of such garments was,  “complicated and truly a science”.

Speaking to Fashionista, McLaughin-Weber said: “I hope that one of my bikini designs will be featured in Sports Illustrated and be worn by a model that has had a mastectomy. She can be every bit as sexy as the next woman.”

When informed of Victoria’s Secret’s decision not to produce a similar range of clothing, she said: “The statement does not make any sense to me. They have the funding, facilities, designers and consultants to produce anything they want to produce. Their pink lace bralette is three quarters of the way there anyway.”

McLaughin-Weber designs differ from conventional ones in that the elastic fabric is extra-stretchy, allowing it to accommodate prosthetics and the bras and bikinis feature an adjustable bust, so that breastless women with scar tissue can choose how much cleavage to reveal without fear of having their prosthetic breasts slipping out.

Referring to Victoria’s Secret’s decision to reject the petition to produce a line of lingerie specifically aimed at women suffering from mastectomies, McLaughin-Weber added: “I do not think mass brands have a responsibility to help fill the needs of women with mastectomies, but I would think they would want to.”

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