Misses Unite for Venezuela

Venezuela – perhaps most famous for its run of successes in beauty pageants such as Miss World & Miss Universe – has been suffering at the hands of its weak leader Nicolas Maduro in recent days. For his illegally elected government has allowed terrorist groups, for example the Tupamaros, along with security forces and police, infiltrated by Cuban revolutionaries, to shoot live ammunition at groups of peaceful protestors, notably unarmed students, in the streets of Venezuela’s main cities.

There have been dozens of deaths of innocent Venezuelans so far this month, while Maduro realizes he is fast losing grip on Venezuela, which he has led as President since the death of the dictator Hugo Chavez last year.

Aside from murders in the streets, Maduro’s factions have been taking care of a hitlist of agitators. These include the legally elected opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, who was seized by police just yesterday in Caracas after his party headquarters was invaded by thugs sent by Maduro. TV stations have been closed down, radio stations have been taken off air but still the Venezuelan people has taken to the Internet to show the world the abuses it is suffering and the disgraceful actions of a failing government, which – in spite of huge oil wealth – cannot feed its people let alone keep any kind of respectful order or government in Venezuela.

Amongst the online resistance are Venezuela’s Misses, who in the spirit of Miss Venezuela 2004 Monica Spear (who was murdered in January by delinquents - allowed to flourish by Maduro and the failed Marxist revolution he and Chavez aspired to) have requested peace in Venezuela. Their Youtube video can be found here:


It is time the international community requested the removal of Maduro’s illegitimate government and new elections happened in Venezuela.

The alternative seems to be a civil war of sorts, which will see the end of the Bolivarian Revolution, which, like the Cuban revolution, was simply a means to enrich its “Socialist” leaders (all billionaires, like Castro) at the expense of the people. The sham Bolivarian revolution can now be seen for what it is. Venezuela’s leaders do not care for its people. They are fat and corrupt. It is time they left. It is time Maduro was put on trial at the Hague for crimes against his own people before he escapes in one of his private jets for Honduras.


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