More Afghan Election Chaos

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah has withdrawn observers from an audit of votes in the disputed election, citing concerns over fraud.

“We will not join the process today, and maybe we will not re-join the process at all,” his spokesman said.

Both Mr Abdullah and his rival Ashraf Ghani have claimed victory and both have alleged widespread fraud.

The UN-supervised audit to find a successor to Hamid Karzai began a month ago and could take weeks to complete.

The two candidates have agreed to form a government of national unity but have so far failed to reach a deal.

Mr Abdullah was the frontrunner in the first round in April but did not secure an outright majority.

Preliminary results after a second round in June put Mr Ghani ahead.

Mr Abdullah’s team is now demanding that hundreds of thousands of what they call fraudulent ballots should be thrown out.


What Next?

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