Munch Exhibition

An exhibition composed of 270 works by Evard Munch’s is set to open in Oslo to commemorate the famous painter’s 150th birthday.

Written by Chris White

The art, including numerous masterpieces from both private and public collections will go on display in Norway’s National Museum of Art, Architecture & Design and in the Munch Museum (both of which are located in Oslo), from June 2nd until October 13th 2013 and will range from works created as early as 1883 to later works up until and including the time of Munch’s death in 1944.

However, only those works created by Munch before 1903 will go on display in the National Museum of Art, Architecture & Design, with works created after 1903 going on display in the Munch Museum.

Speaking to journalists the Munch Museum’s Chief Director Stein Olav Henrichsen said that the intention of the exhibit was to, “expand knowledge, curiosity and enthusiasm for Munch’s life and art, locally, nationally and internationally.”

Evard Munch is most famous for having painted ‘The Scream’ which sold at auction last May in New York for $119,400,000 (£74,000,000).

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