New Bromance Album

Bromance – a new range of comic book art produced by modern artists Louis Brodinski and Manu Barron has been created in a new album of artwork for public display.

Written by Chris White

Bromance art uses a wide range of vivid colour schemes based on a 64 colour palette first used by American comic artists in the 1970’s and 80’s, among whose artists include Benjamin Marra.

Marra who originally invented the Night Business 1980’s style comic series was given ‘Young Gun’ membership status by the Art Directors’ Club in 2006 and has since worked on various illustrations for many news & entertainment enterprises including The Rolling Stones, The New York Times, Vice, Marvel Comics and Wieden+Kennedy.

Marra’s genre consists of mainly ‘Conan The Barbarian’ / ‘He-Man’ –like depictions, usually involving the production of bikini-clad sexy women, testosterone-fuelled hulks dressed in superhero attire and bloodthirsty wild creatures, many of them often mythical.

The new album features a series of fantastic striking images, in trashy, 1980’s comic-book style, including one interesting illustration depicting a woman aiming a pistol at a man smoking coolly, while wearing a bright fuschia tuxedo and another depicting a teenage boy in his y-fronts, reading a women’s fashion magazine.

Marra said in an interview with the Creative Review: “I want to create a picture that tells a story and has context. I don’t want a drawing that will just look cool. – I always want to weigh it down with some kind of narrative that the viewer can engage with.”

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