Spain’s PM Mired in Scandal

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo has published what it alleges are documents proving that Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, together with other leading politicians accepted bribes as part of an illicit party slush fund, drawn from the profits of Spanish construction giants.

Written by Chris White

The newspaper claims that it has submitted the evidence to a Spanish High Court.

The revelation comes only months since a similar newspaper El Pais published similar allegations, showing alleged documents as proof.

El Mundo claims that it is in possession of original ledger entries handwritten by the former treasurer of Spain’s governing Popular Party (PP), Luis Barcenas however, the ruling party denies that its leaders have committed any wrongdoing, saying in an official statement: “The Popular Party does not in any way recognise them as the accounts of Mr Barcenas is in custody facing trial for corruption and tax fraud. He denies the allegations.”

Later Barcenas admitted that the handwriting in the ledger was his own.

El Mundo claims that the number of scandalous documents in its possession far surpass the number and significance of similar documents produced earlier this year by El Pais.

El Mundo also alleges that the documents in question show the Prime Minister Rajoy receiving numberous illicit payments from a period spanning from 1997 to 1999, when Rajoy was still a minister in the government of Jose Maria Aznar.

The payments are said to include at least 2 payments made in 1998 amounting to €12,000 / £11,000 / US$16,400.

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