Swedish Navy Clothing

Swedish Navy Clothing is an original concept for a range of casual clothes by celebrated international photographer Allan Warren. Allan Warren began his photographic career at the age of seventeen, when a friend asked him to cover his wedding to Judy Garland… soon such celebrities as Liberace, Sir John Geilgud and Earl Mountbatten of Burma were beating a path to his studio. Since then he has photographed more legends than most, from Mae West, Gloria Swanson, Sophia Loren to Sammy Davis Junior, Cary Grant and Bob Hope. Sir Noel Coward commissioned him to do his portrait for his last Christmas card.

It was through his photography and his close association with military and naval uniforms, with many of his clients being both junior and high ranking naval officers, such as the likes of as the late Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten of Burma and HRH Admiral of the Fleet the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The idea of Swedish Navy clothing culminated when Warren took a commission to photograph some young officers in the Swedish Navy. To use a naval term it was not just ‘the cut of their jib’ that struck him. But also the combination of the navy and the clean, healthy, sexy outdoor image of the Swedes themselves that made for a great line in clothes.

Swedish Navy Clothing has won rave reviews and is gaining popularity across Europe and America, as well as in booming Asia.

Swedish Navy offers a formidable range of clothing and accessories. Most popular are Swedish Navy polo shirts, tees and vests, along with the Swedish Navy underwear line and baseball caps.

Asked whether the current economic gloom in the West is likely to dampen Swedish Navy sales, Allan Warren is bullish. “Full steam ahead for Swedish Navy,” he bellows, “we will continue to ride this magnificent wave of sales and hope it becomes tidal!”

Swedish Navy Clothing is available from the Swedish Navy website at www.swedishnavyclothing.com

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