Esther Williams Dies At 91

Today a spokesman for American swimming champion and actress Esther Williams announced that the star had died peacefully in her sleep, in Los Angeles at the age of 91. Written by Chris White Williams was famous for her starring roles in epic...
tori black

How Much Do Porn Stars Earn?

Mark Spiegler’s firm ‘Spiegler Girls’ is regarded as one of Hollywood’s top firms in the production of pornography. According Spiegler Girls, porn actresses are paid the following rate. Girl-on-girl: $800 Guy-girl: $1,000 Anal sex: $1,200 Double...

Psy Imposter Crashes Film Festival

An imposter penetrated the Cannes Film Festival yesterday pretending to be Park Jae-sang, stage name ‘Psy’. Written by Chris White Chumming with A-listed stars including Skyfall Bond babe Naomie Harris, and Star Pianist Adrian Brody at a...
v for vendetta

V for Amazon?

The Guy Fawkes mask has had a resurgence in popularity since the film V for Vendetta in 2006 and has become used as a symbol for postmodern protest. They have been adorned by Occupy protesters and various other protesters, with the some of the...

Ben Affleck’s Golden Evening

Ben Affleck, the actor who starred in the lead role of a comic superhero film “Daredevil”, was surprised when he won two categories for his Iran hostage drama, “Argo”, being the Best Film (Drama) and Best Director Golden Globes awards,...

Was Tarantino Wrong?

2013 is making it difficult to avoid one of America’s greatest sins—slavery. We’ve just marked the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, and a plethora of films, documentaries and TV specials are scheduled to address slavery.

Being John Malkovich

A quintessential loser, an out-of-job puppeteer, is hired by a firm, whose offices are ensconced in a half floor (literally. The ceiling is about a metre high, reminiscent of Taniel’s hallucinatory Alice in Wonderland illustrations). By...
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Safety Not Guaranteed – A Good Story Well Told

Everyone loves a good story, and non-more so than filmmakers. But the rest of us also tend to enjoy an, ever so curious, account of how a film got made in the first place. Especially if it involves a charming blur of reality and fiction, as...

Sex – Or Gender? Film Review: “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” (2012)

Modern pop culture bombards us with gender stereotypes, which by now have become truisms: women are always sensitive, misunderstood, in touch with their emotions and neglected; men are commitment-phobic, confused, narcissistic, hypersexed, and...