2012 conspiracy

Election Conspiracy?

The government of the United States is hopelessly corrupt.

Obama and Romney Twins

A mother in Kenya, gave birth to a new born twins and named the twins after the US President Barak Obama and Mitt Romney. Local news here, says the twins were born on the morning after the US Elections.
obama wins

Obama Wins Second Term

Barack Obama has won the election to retain the Presidency. He won 303 giving him the needed 270 votes needed to win the White House. Florida’s 29 electoral votes are still yet to be resolved but Obama has won by almost 100 electoral votes....
obama vs romney

America Votes

American voters are finally set to vote for who they want to be the President of the United States. The ‘Battle for the White House’ has been a long and arduous one.
Mitt Romney real change NOT

Campaigns for Change

Both electoral candidates are back on the campaign trail and are battling over the ‘change’ card. Obama won the election on the back of his campaign for change in 2008 and has been proclaiming himself as the candidate for ‘change’ this...
Photo: Reuters/Larry Downing

Election Campaigns Resume

The presidential election campaigns are set to resume following the stalling super-storm Hurricane Sandy. With polling taking place next Tuesday, the nation’s eyes and ears are set to return to the battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney...
obama peace flag small

Presidential Candidates: Strength Through Peace

“Mission accomplished.” This was how President George W. Bush characterized the war in Iraq in 2003 on board the USS Abraham Lincoln. Apparently, it was all over. But it dragged on, nevertheless, outlasting President Bush himself. US troops...

Pivotal Third Debate

The third presidential debate focusing on foreign policy is due to take place tonight. With 60 million viewers expected and an NBC poll putting Obama and Romney dead level on 47%. The debate tonight will be moderated by CBS’ veteran anchorman...
obama thinking

Obama anti-India

The best bet for strong and enduring Indo-US relations is Mitt Romney. -A leading Indian American Republican has said, citing US President Barack Obama’s attitude on subcontracting jobs to India and work visa for IT firms.
Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Address Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner

Candidates share jokes

The electoral candidates have had a moment of light relief amid the intensifying campaigns for the White House at a charity fundraiser in New York. The Alfred F Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner was organized by the Catholic Archdiocese of New...