Topless Women Legal In New York

19-year-old blonde, 5’9 fashion model Cheyenne Lutek from New Jersey, has caused widespread sensation in New York City, after going into some of the trendiest restaurants in Manhattan only to strip off topless for 29-year-old photographer and Iraq War veteran Allen Henson, who has been paying the model for her topless public nudes. – Henson has attempted to justify the photography work which he has defended as ‘art’ and as a promotion of ‘female equality”.

Written by Chris White

Reacting to the widespread controversy of his ‘work’ Henson was quoted as saying: “Apparently everybody seems to like t*ts. – This is just the first in a five part series. What’s going to happen the next time we go out? News helicopters circling over head?”

Adding: “The first place we went to, everyone was very excited. The staff was totally supportive. Everybody got up from their tables. Cell phones were out, they were taking pictures. They were like ‘There’s a naked chick! Woo!’”

The controversy comes after Henson and Lutek, were swiftly asked to leave the bistro ‘Verso’ on Avenue C, after Lutek stripped off bare-breasted for Henson’s camera however, the pair received a warmer welcome after relocating a nearby sushi bar.

Henson said that he felt sorry that they had been asked to leave Verso, but that he had intended the “project” to be “spontaneous” and original.

Speaking of the experience the topless model Lutek said: “It’s not my personality as a model to be embarrassed of my body. I feel like no woman should be embarrassed of her body or ashamed to show it. They wanted more. They loved it.”

In New York women are legally permitted to be bare-breasted in public however, private establishments are allowed to set their own ground rules with respect to dress and other attire.

In May this year the New York City Police Department issued instructions to all of its 34,000 police officers, officially informing them that it was legal for women to walk the streets topless and that no woman should therefore be cited with indecent exposure violations for doing so.

The legal precedent stems from a 1992 New York State Court of Appeals ruling, which states that the law on bearing one’s chest in public should apply equally to both men and women.

Labinot Baraliu, the owner of Verso said: “In 15 years [of working in the restaurant trade] I’ve seen all kinds of things, but not this. It was funny, but at the same time I was like ‘WTF — is this really happening?’”

Lutek has recently announced that she plans to take part in the upcoming international ‘Go Topless Day’ which will take place on August 25th.

When asked if she felt inclined to go topless at any venue she replied: “Definitely the beach or on the streets… I’ll be letting people know that what I’m doing is not a crime.”

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