UN Sends Bigot Manjoo to UK

The United Nations is a bit of a joke these days post Iraq - what with the crisis in Syria and Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine – events the UN seems utterly powerless to stop.

So, why not seek to justify the exorbitant sums of tax dollars the UN swallows every year by at least complimenting those countries which continue to prop it up and give it any kind of authority?

Instead the UN has sent some dreadful lightweight feminist Muslim Marxist to Britain – one of the UN’s stalwarts and founder members – to criticize Britain’s “Boys’ club” mentality. Yes, to the same country that brought the world the Suffragettes, Female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the Spice Girls and even provided safe haven to Germaine Greer. The same country voted in the Top 20 for women’s rights by the UN itself. Some nobody who has arrived under the UN banner, looked at a few websites, spoken to a few like-minded Marxists and feminists and then – without public debate – returned to take cover under the UN shell leaving behind a ridiculous, lazy, 3rd rate report lecturing Britain on how it is blatantly sexist.

Who is the bitter, poisonous UN apparatchik who criticized Britain?

Meet the beautiful and sexy Rashida Manjoo who complained that the British media was responsible for “negative and over-sexualised portrayals of women”, with some websites and TV channels dealing in the “marketisation of their bodies”. (Manjoo has the crazy title of United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women – what a complete and utter waste of money employing third rate academics like her.)

What the UN has done is truly shocking. Do not underestimate the backlash.

The UN has allowed some cultural Marxist South African feminist lawyer (South Africa is the rape capital of the world) come to the UK to lecture Britain on how its fair and equal society operates.  Why? At a time when the UN is considered a joke why would the UN want to rile a member country that actually gives a damn about the UN’s future existence?

The UN have got a bee in their bonnet about the UK at the minute; not being nice enough to immigrants, the “bedroom tax” and now being sexist, all the usual UN/ EU cultural Marxist stuff – all pretty tedious and transparent. To the likes of Manjoo – given far too much of a free rein – Britain is the old Colonial Master and far too successful and full of panache in all it does to ever succumb to those failed ideas of Marxism she espouses because she’s one of the world’s losers. One can imagine Manjoo has a dart board in her home with the face of James Bond on it.

This is a similar faux pas by an out of touch body dominated by otherwise unemployable, left-leaning academics to how the French head of the IMF Christine Lagarde chided British Chancellor George Osborne for the UK’s austerity strategies folowing the 2008 crash. Now Britain’s economy leads the G7 in terms of growth and the IMF looks to have egg all over its face.

Surely, if the UN wants to focus on Women’s rights, they should be sending idiots like Manjoo to Iran or Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia or some other Islamist dump where women have less rights than anywhere else on planet earth. Maybe she’d get a dose of reality there about what feminism has brought the West but failed to bring to Islamists and those less civilized regions elsewhere. Maybe Manjoo should just stay in South Africa and highlight the endless problems her home country has rather than attempting to criticize those countries that deserve nothing but praise for their enlightened social strategies.

Britain is a shining example for gender equality. British women do not need the likes of Manjoo to support them – they are powerful and have a strong position in British society. Britain is a shining beacon of how women’s rights should be respected. An example to the world. Manjoo is a sorry fool and she should make an apology – be forced to make an apology – or return her salary to Britain’s taxpayers.



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