Wizard Man of Sutton

Conrad Pugsley otherwise known as Wizard Man of Sutton can often be seen walking in and around Sutton High Street in Greater London, dressed as a wizard.

He is distinguishable from the rest of the crowds by his long flowing purple and burgundy robes and extensive Pagan jewellery which makes him look like a character out of Lord of The Rings. Until recently he also had a black cat tied to his shoulder, which later ran away.

Conrad was taken to a Sutton Magistrates Court in 2008 for allegedly possessing an offensive weapon but was later acquitted on religious grounds after it was proven that the knife in question was for used for making religious sticks, which in turn were used for creating Pagan pentangles.

Later on in the same year Wizard Man was nominated to turn on the town’s Christmas lights however, an imposter dressed like him turned on the lights instead upsetting 8,000 onlookers who were generally none-the-wiser as he did say.

Speaking of the incident Wizard Man of Sutton said: “I feel the organisers have let the people of Sutton down. This is not what they wanted and the false wizard just gave a silly impression of what people think wizards should look like. He was wearing completely the wrong clothes, when I have a hooded robe and skull cap.”

Conrad’s last public appearance in the media was when occupied Sutton High Street during the 2011 riots, waiting for rioters which he could cast spells on in order to ward them off by means of magic powers.

In 2012 Conrad was nominated to be the Olympic torch bearer in Sutton but was unsuccessful before the deadline.

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